by on 15 November 2018

“Please see the below notification from POAL advising that from tomorrow all bookings will be made through the VBS system, they will stop manually allocating them daily as they have been since the end of August.


Please note:

  • The booking slots drop at 11am 9 days prior to the day of bookings.
  • To book and confirm an import we need the container to be cleared of all holds, if the container has any holds a booking cannot be made for it.
  • To book and confirm an export container the preadvice must be completed, if the preadvice has not been completed and submitted the container cannot be booked.
  • Confirmation of container details must be done within 10 minutes of making the booking.
  • There are a limited number of slots per hour per day.
  • Slots can be booked out 48 hours in advance meaning unfortunately we cannot guarantee we will be able to secure a slot at short notice.
  • The availability of slots is out of our control and we no longer have a base number of fixed bookings to work with.


Ideally to give us the best opportunity to get a booking on the day required we need the cartage advice, with all holds cleared for imports and preadvice completed for exports, 72 hours prior to the required delivery day.”

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