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New Food Import Law

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As from 1st March, New Zealand food importers will have to meet new regulatory requirements under the Food Act 2014. The most significant change introduced is that people or businesses wishing to import food into the country must either register with the Ministry of Primary Industries ( MPI) as a food importer or use a  Continue reading “New Food Import Law”   

Personal Effects Consignments

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From 1st June 2015 full container load consignments of personal or household effects will no longer be permitted to be unpacked at the importer’s residence, regardless of the risk status of the consignment. Any Ministry for Primary Industries ( MPI ) inspection of personal effects items of biosecurity interest must be carried out at a  Continue reading “Personal Effects Consignments”   

Customs & Excise Act review

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The New Zealand Customs Service (Customs) has released a discussion paper which outlines a number of wide ranging proposed changes to the Customs and Excise Act 1996. We strongly encourage businesses to consider the review’s impact – particularly exporters and importers and businesses considering changes to their supply chains. Freight Forwarders and Customs Brokers will  Continue reading “Customs & Excise Act review”   

Tariff Concessions – Building Materials

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Did you know that most residential building materials can now be imported in to New Zealand tariff free? Many building products incur a five percent import tariff, but recently the Government announced that tariffs on a range of goods used to build houses have been temporarily suspended. The Government announced the temporary lifting of import  Continue reading “Tariff Concessions – Building Materials”   

NZ Customs Notices – 1st July – HPA Levy Rates,SGG Levy.

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From 1st July NZ Customs will be collecting a Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Levy on goods containing HFCs and PFCs. The levy will be applied to a range of imported goods – fridges, freezers, heat pumps,air conditioners, refrigerated trailers etc. Any person importing goods subject to this levy must pay at the time of importation. The  Continue reading “NZ Customs Notices – 1st July – HPA Levy Rates,SGG Levy.”   

Buying Goods Online

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Buying online is becoming increasingly popular. However, if you buy goods online from another country you need to be aware that you may have to pay Customs charges and/or GST on top of the advertised purchase price when the goods arrive in New Zealand. Goods liable for duty and GST of NZ$60 or more, in particular  Continue reading “Buying Goods Online”   

Import Fees set to rise

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Customs and biosecurity fees on imports and exports are set to jump about 20% to help fund the first tranche of a new computer system which will cost $204 million to build and run until 2021. The fees are typically passed straight on to importers and exporters. Consumers who purchased any item worth more than  Continue reading “Import Fees set to rise”