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“Please see the below notification from POAL advising that from tomorrow all bookings will be made through the VBS system, they will stop manually allocating them daily as they have been since the end of August.   Please note: The booking slots drop at 11am 9 days prior to the day of bookings. To book  Continue reading “AUCKLAND PORT BOOKING DELAYS”   

Changes to the Customs Act

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There is a new Customs Act that comes into effect 1st October 2018, there are a number of changes that are the first since 1996. To best understand what changes have been made I refer you to : The changes are related to: Valuation Rulings Provisional Values Compensatory interest and late payment penalties Infringement  Continue reading “Changes to the Customs Act”   

Road User Charges Update

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Road User Charge (RUC) Rate increase from 1st October 2018 Further to other recent increases in fuel, we have the Government inspired Road User Charge increase being imposed on the trucking / logistics / supply chain industry effective 1st October 2018. The overall average increase in RUC rates set by the Government this year alone  Continue reading “Road User Charges Update”   

Up Coming Road User Charges Increase

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You may not be aware that on 28th June 2018, Transport Minister Phil Twyford, announced an increase in petrol excise duty of 3.5 cents per litre to take effect from 30th September 2018, and further 3.5 cent increases in 2019 and 2020. At the same time, although it did not get a lot of media coverage, as  Continue reading “Up Coming Road User Charges Increase”   

Changes to VBS Booking System

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Starting next week, Ports of Auckland will be rolling out changes to the timing and procedure for export container deliveries and import container uplifts. In order to more efficiently manage VBS slots, Ports of Auckland will require bookings for both export and import containers to be made by carriers in advance, with the container number  Continue reading “Changes to VBS Booking System”   

Brown Marmorated Stinkbug – ITALY – update

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Please see below the latest information received from Ministry of Primary Industries  – an extension to the mandatory treatment for all goods coming from Italy,      New Zealand’s Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) is extending the mandatory (offshore or onshore) treatment for all goods associated with sea containers from Italy from the 1st of  Continue reading “Brown Marmorated Stinkbug – ITALY – update”   

New Food Import Law

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As from 1st March, New Zealand food importers will have to meet new regulatory requirements under the Food Act 2014. The most significant change introduced is that people or businesses wishing to import food into the country must either register with the Ministry of Primary Industries ( MPI) as a food importer or use a  Continue reading “New Food Import Law”