Changes to Discharge Ports – Earthquake.

by on 22 November 2016

Late last week Maersk Line issued an advisory notice stating that Wellington bound cargo on the next five sailings would be discharged at Nelson and Tauranga. Concern was expressed to Maersk about the discharge at Nelson which would have further compounded the already stretched Cook Strait resources and after consideration Maersk changed their position and agreed to discharge Wellington bound cargo at Napier.    At this time we understand the shipping lines are redirecting Wellington bound cargo as follows:

  • Maersk, COSCO, Hapag and Mitsui are discharging Wellington cargo at Napier.
  • PIL appear to be discharging Wellington cargo at Auckland.
  • NYK and MSC have presently discharged Wellington cargo in Lyttelton to on forward on next available sailing once Wellington opens.

This is however changing by the day, please contact us and we can confirm..

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