Container Cleaning and Repairs for Imports

by on 29 August 2012

This is a reminder that all import containers must be clean and free from any rubbish, dunnage or contamination of any nature prior to return to the dehire depots. Likewise any damages noted upon unpack of the containers should be brought to our attention immediately, in order that we can advise the shipping line.

If a container is dehired in NZ and there is damage, rubbish etc found, any costs incurred to repair or clean  are for your account, according to the terms and conditions on bill of lading.

Shipping lines are seeking recovery of the costs associated with cleaning and repairs of containers with increasing frequency, as they advise that this is an expense that they can no longer sustain and ultimately it is the importer’s responsibility to return the containers in a clean condition, regardless of where the contamination has originated.

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