Earthquake Disruption

by on 14 November 2016

Monday 14th NOVEMBER.

As you may have heard just after midnight New Zealand time a severe earthquake struck the mid-South Island region of New Zealand.  Ongoing aftershocks continue as day light emerges and damage assessments continue.

We have to report that rail services in the lower North Island and South Island are suspended pending track inspections. Inter-Island rail  services have been cancelled until further notice. State Highway One North of Christchurch and outlaying regional road networks have suffered damage with road closures are in place.  Engineers at first day light will commence inspections to bridges and other infrastructure.  An early tsunami warning for the East Coast region appears to have abated albeit a warning remains in low laying areas.


Freight Disruptions


At 5.00 am this morning the Wellington council publically announced a recommendation that workers stay at home due to passenger rail services suspended and the CBD requiring clearance from structural engineers for safety purposes . Other outlaying towns and parts of Christchurch are equally disrupted.

As you can imagine we will have major delays in moving freight to the South Island and the lower North Island centres so please bear this in mind over the next few days. In regard to deliveries to your customers in these areas we will let you know more details as they come to hand



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