Export FCL Containers

by on 17 December 2012

Ports of Auckland has recently undertaken a review of procedures for handling containers that do NOT have a Customs Export Delivery Order ( CEDO ) two hours prior to the vessel’s ETA.

Legally, POA cannot load a container that does not have a CEDO and when a CEDO is not received two hours before vessel arrival there is a significant impact to vessel operations…

Effective 1st February 2013, an export container without a CEDO two hours prior to the vessel’s ETA will be removed from the load list :

With approval from the vessel operator, the cargo owner may :

a) reinstate container to load list – a fee of $250 per container + GST will apply

b) retain export container at the terminal for loading on subesquent vessel – demurrage will apply at $45.00 per TEU per day.

We cannot therefore emphasise the importance of ensuring we have all necessary paperwork well before vessel ETA

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