MPI Clearance of Import containers at Tauranga

by on 16 October 2018

Dear customer
As you will appreciate, we are continually reviewing our import procedures to ensure timely and efficient deliveries to MetroPort Auckland customers.

Following a review of clearance data over a twelve month period, it has come to our attention that an increasing quantity of MetroPort Auckland import containers have remained in the terminal without MPI clearances, often for extended periods.
You will be aware that non-cleared containers cannot be loaded to rail or uplifted from Tauranga Container Terminal (TCT) until MPI clearances have been processed and approved.

As you can appreciate large volumes of uncleared containers impact yard congestion, require additional terminal moves and in turn delay the overall delivery profile for all import customers.

It is also disappointing to note that in a number of instances clearances appear to be
deliberately delayed at TCT to avoid storage costs.

Please be advised as of Monday 22 October 2018, MetroPort import containers that
remain without MPI clearances 48 hours after vessel arrival, will incur a cost recovery fee of $150.00 per container.

Containers requiring MPI physical inspection and / or have fumigation requirements will have 48 hours after vessel arrival for these activities to be confirmed with TCT via the relative entity

(MPI or Genera) prior to the recovery fee being applied. In addition we are unable to provide a priority delivery status for import containers that do not have the appropriate clearances at time of vessel arrival.

As per the current process associated with import containers, this cost recovery, if applied will be required to be accepted prior to the container being delivered from MetroPort, and will be in addition to any demurrage charges calculated from the MetroPort arrival date.

Yours sincerely

Martyn McColgan


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