Reefer Rates – General Rate Increases

by on 26 October 2012

Local reefer shippers will be alarmed at the announcements made by both MSC and Maersk, that reefer rates will increase by USD 1500 per 40 foot reefer container in January 2013.

The reason given by both ssLines is that current levels are inadequate and in order  to continue to provide high standards of service, the rates need to increase. They maintain that to offset very high and increasing operating costs, the increases to Reefer rates in all trades is necessary in order to provide sustainable levels of income in the future.

There certainly appears to be some collusion over rates between the two parties, this will not help New Zealand’s reefer exporters. One would think that with general rate increases ( GRI ) of this magnitude, that the overall trade had deteriorated, that is certainly not the case.

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