Product Sourcing

Hobbs Global Logistics Solutions Ltd has established a relationship with an international , British owned and managed, Procurement Service Provider based in Shanghai, that is focused on adding value to our client’s Asian supply chains.

 As globalisation has continued, outsource manufacturing has become an integral part of global business’s ability to operate in an increasingly competitive environment. At the same time the ability to manage vendors at source, develop relationships and understand their own drivers has become an integral part of a company’s procurement strategy.

We can offer two distinct services to match a clients requirements :

Buying Office – this model empowers clients to take control of their supply chain through utilising this independant third party procurement service, flexible and tailored for the client – this service has consistently driven bottom line growth

Trading Service – leveraging off our representative’s experience in sourcing and knowledge of certain product categories, we take on a more active role, managing vendors, providing quality assurance and dealing with all the logistics.

reSOURCEful thinking, focused on adding value to our customer’s Asian supply chains

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