Wellington Port Update 23rd November

by on 23 November 2016

Subject:  Force Majeure Declaration due to Earthquake at Wellington Port, New Zealand


You may be aware that the Wellington Port has been closed following the devastating earthquake that struck near Kaikoura on 14th November 2016. As reported by CentrePort of the Port of Wellington, damage to the Port is more extensive than during the 2013 Seddon earthquakes. Many buildings remain off limits, with staff working in back-up locations across the Port and outside the CBD, and container shipping operation remains suspended as of 21 November 2016. Ships will have to continue omitting calls to the Wellington Port until further notice.


Under the current circumstances, we regret to say that OOCL will have to declare Force Majeure and proceed with the following arrangements.


  • For Wellington import cargo, Napier will be the replacement port until Wellington Port resumes back to normal operations. If other port of discharge is required, please contact our local Customer Service Representative to check the operation feasibility.


  • With immediate effect, we will not accept any fresh booking to and from Wellington till further notice.  For any export cargo from Wellington, please liaise with our local Customer Service Representative to arrange the cargo for loading at Napier or Auckland (instead of Wellington).


We will keep you posted on any new developments or updates once they become available.

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