Asia Import Customers – Rate Increases

by on 23 March 2014

Nearly all the Shipping Lines have now sent broadcasts to the market advising that their current ocean freight rates are not sustainable. They are all looking to rectify this situation with planned market rate increases several times this year.

This increase ranges across all of Asia, both South East and North Asia, along with the Indian Sub-continent. The target date for implementation is 1st April 2014,with increases being advertised as :

20’GP : USD 300.00

40’GP and HC : USD 600.00

Carriers are pushing for increases to ensure services to New Zealand remain at the standard and coverage that is currently enjoyed.

New Zealand is not the only market globally to be advised of this news, both the Asia to Australian market and Asia to Europe markets will also be hit with large increase.

We will continue to monitor closely and advise as more information becomes available.

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