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“Please see the below notification from POAL advising that from tomorrow all bookings will be made through the VBS system, they will stop manually allocating them daily as they have been since the end of August.   Please note: The booking slots drop at 11am 9 days prior to the day of bookings. To book  Continue reading “AUCKLAND PORT BOOKING DELAYS”   

MPI Clearance of Import containers at Tauranga

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MPI CLEARANCE OF IMPORT CONTAINERS AT TAURANGA CONTAINER TERMINAL   Dear customer As you will appreciate, we are continually reviewing our import procedures to ensure timely and efficient deliveries to MetroPort Auckland customers. Following a review of clearance data over a twelve month period, it has come to our attention that an increasing quantity of  Continue reading “MPI Clearance of Import containers at Tauranga”   

Changes to VBS Booking System

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Starting next week, Ports of Auckland will be rolling out changes to the timing and procedure for export container deliveries and import container uplifts. In order to more efficiently manage VBS slots, Ports of Auckland will require bookings for both export and import containers to be made by carriers in advance, with the container number  Continue reading “Changes to VBS Booking System”   

Empty Container Booking System

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Over the past couple of years, there has been talk in the industry about empty container parks in Auckland introducing a container booking system. It is now a very real outcome for empty container parks in Auckland, due to congestion at depots. One major significant change will be that transport companies will be required to  Continue reading “Empty Container Booking System”   

Exporters – Penalty Fees for no e-pre-advice

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Ports of Auckland is to charge a $20.00 plus GST service fee to shippers or carriers of all export containers received without electronic pre advice from October 1. Pre -advice is electronically supplied to the Port by a cargo owner, trucking company or freight forwarder, PRIOR to a container’s arrival. It will include information such  Continue reading “Exporters – Penalty Fees for no e-pre-advice”   

Export FCL Containers

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Ports of Auckland has recently undertaken a review of procedures for handling containers that do NOT have a Customs Export Delivery Order ( CEDO ) two hours prior to the vessel’s ETA. Legally, POA cannot load a container that does not have a CEDO and when a CEDO is not received two hours before vessel arrival  Continue reading “Export FCL Containers”