Container Detention

by on 19 August 2012

Import Container detention “free time” policy and rates for detention do vary from shipping line to shipping line, however, generally the first FREE DAY will be,the DISCHARGE DATE of the container.

Export Container detention “free time” commences when the container(s) is delivered from the empty container park, the total period for detention assessment will cease when the container has been presented for shipment, or returned to the empty container park.

For import containers, generally “Free Time” is 10 calendar days. Rates vary but in general for standard 20’GP containers, after 10 days you will be billed at NZD60.00 per day for 7 calendar days, and thereafter NZD 90.00 per day. Reefer containers have different free time and much higher rates, as do 40′ containers, please give us a call should you need to know more.

Considering the mismatch of operating hours in the supply chain, container availability, customs and bio security interventions, the return of the empty container to a de-hire facility with limited operating hours, makes it very difficult to meet the allocated free day time table.

Hobbs Global Logistics Solutions have systems in place to track container ” free time”, and will make early contact with shipping lines if it becomes clear that containers will not be able to be returned before detention fees apply.

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