MT Container Park Issues


you may be aware of the current issues with delays and congestion at empty container depots – they are FULL containers normally evacuated from NZ, has not occurred through increasing export loadings, and currently there is no short term solution. the effect is more chance of detention charges as a result that the empty containers  Continue reading “MT Container Park Issues”   

Earthquake Disruption


Monday 14th NOVEMBER. As you may have heard just after midnight New Zealand time a severe earthquake struck the mid-South Island region of New Zealand.  Ongoing aftershocks continue as day light emerges and damage assessments continue. We have to report that rail services in the lower North Island and South Island are suspended pending track  Continue reading “Earthquake Disruption”   

G20 Summit Impact


Effecting Shanghai and Ningbo Main ports – factory closures from 24th August to 6th September. Key measures taken by local governments to improve air quality and security, before and during the G20 Summit, consequently shipping schedules will be affected, for more information please contact us..  Continue reading “G20 Summit Impact”