European Seafreight Services

by on 07 November 2012

Over recent weeks there have been a number of New Zealand containers ex Europe that have missed planned transhipment connections in Singapore and Cartagena.

Obviously there are a number of reasons why this happens – the late arrival of the 1st leg vessel, mechanical problems, industrial actions at previous ports, errors made at the transhipment ports leading to containers being short shipped, and of course lack of space and overbooking on forwarding vessels.

We will do everything we can to ensure our client’s cargo is booked all the way through to New Zealand, however, it is impossible to guarantee any such connection.

In addition, transit times are being extended due to “Slow Steaming”, extending transit times ex Europe to Singapore by up to four days.

Our advice to customers is to always allow another 7 – 10 days to the transit times you’d normally allow, place orders and plan shipment dates in line with that window. From main European Ports, we need to allow for a 50 day on-water transit time through to Auckland.


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